Clean Remedies Releases New Psychedelic Mushroom Gummies Citing Research Into Its Therapeutic Potential

Avon, OH – Clean Remedies, a company committed to providing the purest and most innovative wellness products on the market, has announced its new psychedelic mushroom gummies to the market. The new product joins the line of other natural products offered by the company to improve customers’ well-being both mentally and physically.

The psychedelic mushroom gummy, made with Amanita Muscaria mushrooms active ingredients, are legal in 49 States, making them easy to obtain for interested parties. The Amanita Muscaria magic mushrooms, street name “Fly Agaric” are a great alternative to psilocybin magic mushrooms, which are largely illegal under United States federal and State law.

Describing the product, the Clean Remedies spokesperson noted that their new psychedelic mushroom gummies contain a psychoactive from the Amanita Mushroom but have no harmful Ibotenic acid found in many other competitor products found on the market. The company added that muscimol has been studied in several research works for its potency and ability to improve sleep, alleviate stress and anxiety, ease muscular pain, and help with PTSD.

 “Recent studies have explored amanita magic shrooms and their potential therapeutic benefits. Among those reported benefits are improved feeling of well-being, ease of muscular pain, and restorative sleep. Of course, research into the Amanita Magic Shroom remains ongoing. But such evidence has us optimistic about the potential benefits such mushroom gummies could provide consumers,” said a representative.

Clean Remedies noted that it is getting ahead of the curve to bring quality and tested products to the market, especially as magic mushroom edibles are becoming increasingly popular. The company noted that it is committed to offering customers a legal, safe, and easy way to experience magic mushroom edibles and drinks like never before. The company encourages interested users to visit its website and keep reading to educate themselves on the health and wellness benefits of the new product being rolled out.

Customers looking to learn more about the new magic gummies or those looking to buy and experience legal trippy, magic mushroom products can visit the company’s website to order. The Amanita products are available, along with all other existing products on the company’s lineup. The company noted that it is committed to encouraging customers to take the legal path to getting trippy in 2023.

The Clean Remedies product catalog includes everything customers may need to feel good, improve their health, and boost wellness. Some other products offered include CBD Oil and ingestible, CBD Gummies, CBD Topicals, Delta 8, Delta 9, and Mocktails, CBD for Sleep, CBD for Pets, and limited edition products.

The company also offers product bundles, allowing customers to bundle their favorite CBD products into one package at deal prices. Interested customers can visit their website to start shopping. For more information, call 216-777-3133. The Clean Remedies office is at 1431 Lear Industrial Pkwy Avon, OH 44011 US.

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