Greenix Pest Control Expands in Akron, OH, Offering Reliable and Sustainable Solutions for Pest-Free Homes and Businesses in the Area

Akron, OH – Greenix Pest Control, a leading pest control service provider, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its pest control services to the Akron, OH area. This move comes as part of the company’s commitment to serving more homeowners and businesses in need of top-quality pest control services. This company employs premium-grade products and proficient techniques that have been tried and tested to effectively address any pest predicament while also ensuring the safety of the environment and occupants of the abode. 

Over the past decade, Greenix Pest Control has dedicated itself to perfecting a responsible and effective pest control process that prioritizes sustainability. With a comprehensive range of treatments that safeguard both its clients and the environment from over 50 pest varieties, including wasps, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and rodents, this company is a true industry leader. When called upon, its expert team is well known to arrive within 48 hours to provide a complimentary 20-point inspection, quickly and accurately identifying any pests that may be lurking on the property. With this invaluable insight, they can swiftly set to work eliminating the problem, providing clients with the peace of mind they deserve.

Greenix Pest Control’s fully licensed and certified service professionals are experts at implementing a comprehensive, four-season protection plan using a renowned five-step process that sets this company apart from the competition. The process begins with the Eave, Sweep, & Dust treatment to eliminate webs and insect nests while applying waterproof dust along the eaves. The second step is the Crack & Crevice Treatment, which uses a bellows duster to apply waterproof dust in hard-to-reach areas that are susceptible to pest activity.

The Full Perimeter Spray is the third step, where a water-resistant treatment that acts as a barrier between the home and outside pests is applied. The fourth step is the Granular Barrier, where a granular barrier is placed around the home to prevent pests from nesting near the property. The final step is Interior Protection, a sustainable spot treatment that targets moisture points inside the home that may attract pests. By following this comprehensive process, the company’s technicians ensure that the property is thoroughly protected against any current or future pest problems.

Following the initial treatment, Greenix Pest Control’s service professionals return to the property 30 days later to carry out the first quarterly treatment. During this visit, the technician carefully examines the progress made since the previous treatment and makes any necessary adjustments. Furthermore, they ensure that the egg cycle of any existing pests on the property is broken, effectively preventing any new infestations from occurring. 

With the expansion, Greenix Pest Control is now able to provide these reliable and sustainable pest control solutions to more homeowners and businesses in the Akron, OH area. With its comprehensive services, clients can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their homes or businesses are pest-free and that their health and the environment are protected. More details about these services are available at

Greenix Pest Control is located at 1730 Akron Peninsula Suite 106, Akron, OH, 44313, United States. To schedule an inspection, contact their team at 234-208-7914. For more information regarding the services offered, visit the company’s website.

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