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Palm Desert, CA – At Dental Artistry of the Valley, Dr. Junho Choi, DMD, places great emphasis on delivering high-quality care to his patients by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and providing a comfortable experience. Dr. Choi is recognized as a leader in cosmetic dentistry and full-mouth rehabilitation, and he approaches each case as a work of art, meticulously attending to even the smallest details to create stunning and self-assured smiles. Dr. Choi honed his expertise by pursuing advanced courses in dental schools and gaining valuable experience by practicing in several clinics over many years. His primary objective in establishing the clinic was to provide comprehensive diagnostics and individualized attention in a welcoming environment that fosters long-term relationships.

Many people feel anxious and apprehensive about a dental appointment, as they often associate it with negative experiences. However, visiting the dentist can ultimately save people from future suffering, pain, and expenses. Dr. Choi provides early diagnosis of oral health issues, offers valuable at-home care tips, and can even detect life-threatening diseases linked to tooth and gum health. He employs advanced techniques such as dental x-rays to assess impacted teeth and a cavity-detecting camera to identify the onset of occlusal or proximal decay, and may recommend fluoride varnish to strengthen tooth enamel. During a routine dental cleaning, Dr. Choi effectively removes accumulated plaque and tartar from both the surface of teeth and below the gum line.

Dental Artistry of the Valley serves patients with missing, decayed, or knocked-out teeth due to accidents, injuries, or illnesses. Dr. Choi performs tooth extractions, gum lifts, implant restorations, and bone grafts with local, general, or intravenous anesthesia. A gum lift raises and sculpts the gums line after a dentist reshapes the tissue or underlying bones to create longer or symmetrical teeth. In an implant restoration procedure, the dentist substitutes the root of the teeth with a small titanium post before placing a replacement tooth, usually a crown, to match a patient’s natural teeth. 

Besides oral dentistry, Dr. Choi offers composite restorations, tooth-colored materials to replace a decayed portion of tooth structure, and inlays/onlays made from metals, ceramics, resin, or porcelain. When fillings, inlays, or onlays don’t solve an oral health problem, he leverages bridges to fill the gap with one or more artificial teeth. A bridge is cemented in place and comprises crowns on either side of the missing teeth to support a false tooth. The Palm Desert dentist also offers root canal treatments to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, save natural teeth, or prevent re-infection. 

Cosmetic dentistry introduces new material/technology to improve the aesthetics of a smile and teeth dulled over the years due to physical trauma or lifestyle choices. While it may appear only superficial, it has many advantages for oral and general health, as it allows patients to speak clearly, chew comfortably, or maintain jaw health. At Dental Artistry of the Valley, Dr. Choi uses porcelain/ceramic veneers, dental bonding, ceramic crowns, and clear aligners to move teeth to the correct position and improve patients’ appearances. 

First-time patients can call 760 345 6633 or visit the clinic’s website to schedule a dental appointment where Dr. Choi performs x-rays to determine the problem area before recommending a personalized treatment plan. Dental Artistry of the Valley is at 37017 Cook Street, Suite 102, Palm Desert, California, 92211, US. 

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