Experience a Viable Alternative to Surgery with QC Kinetix (Fridley)’s Regenerative Medicine Treatments for Pain Relief

Fridley, MNQC Kinetix (Fridley) provides viable alternatives to surgeries such as knee and hip replacement and pain medications by offering regenerative medicine treatments. The natural therapies address conditions, including pain, inflammation, and discomfort, to help patients experience an improved quality of life.

Regenerative medicine is an innovative treatment approach that works by fastening the body’s restoration ability leading to pain relief within a shorter time compared to conventional treatment methods. At QC Kinetix (Fridley), the treatment providers combine the natural therapies with other methods, including rest and bracing, for optimal results. Through the treatments, they have been able to help patients experiencing a difficult time with everyday tasks be able to do them with ease. 

Regenerative medicine Fridley treatments help with different types of chronic pain, including knee, back, shoulders, wrists, elbow pain, and pain caused by musculoskeletal conditions and degenerative diseases like arthritis. The therapies also relieve stiffness, limited joint mobility, cramping, redness, and warmth.

One of the ways the Fridley pain control clinic sets itself apart is by offering a client-centered approach through concierge services. QC Kinetix (Fridley) offer patients logistical support from the moment they enter their facility and throughout their clinical experience. Patients are greeted by warm and friendly staff during consultations and treatment and are offered complimentary snacks and drinks as they wait for their appointments. The therapies are spaced out to avoid overbooking and grant each patient ample time for treatment. 

The clinic has a free consultation session that helps determine if patients are eligible for regenerative medicine. During the session, patients meet with one of the physicians who assess their medical history and may perform additional tests to improve diagnosis. The results will inform their eligibility, and if they are suitable candidates, the treatment providers will determine which therapies are best suited for the patients. The physician will answer any queries raised by the patient and schedule routine treatment visits. 

A quote from the clinic website stated this about their services, 

“QC Kinetix offers various regenerative medical solutions in Fridley, MN, to ease pain, and accelerate recovery without addictive conventional medications or invasive surgery. We use biological therapies that capitalize on your body’s self-restoration ability to help you find long-term relief and return to your normal life as quickly as possible.”

QC Kinetix (Fridley) also offers sports medicine treatments for mild and severe sports injuries such as golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff tears, torn meniscus, sprains, and strains. 

To schedule a consultation with a treatment provider at the clinic, call (612) 254-7123. QC Kinetix (Fridley) is located at 500 Osborne Rd NE, Suite 215, Fridley, MN, 55432, US. Visit their website for more information on their regenerative medicine treatments that offer a viable alternative to surgery and prescription medication.

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