Michelle Maneevese, MD of Access Vascular Health, Offers Fibroid Treatment and Interventional Radiology in Houston

Houston, TX – Michelle Maneevese, MD, the founder of Access Vascular Health, is a fellowship-trained interventional radiologist with a background in vascular medicine. She received her education from esteemed institutions such as the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Yale. With her expertise in minimally invasive procedures acquired from leading experts in the field, Dr. Maneevese specializes in both men’s and women’s health. She has performed more prostate artery embolizations than any other practitioner in the US and is one of the few female providers of uterine artery embolization in Houston.

Physicians find fibroids during routine pelvic exams when they feel irregularities in the shape of the uterus. Patients with fibroids should undergo periodic evaluations to review symptoms and monitor fibroid/uterus size. While fibroids can grow each year until menopause, Access Vascular Health offers treatment solutions for patients with pelvic pain/pressure, severe cramps, bloating, heavy menstrual bleeding, distended abdomens, constipation, frequent urination, pain during/after intercourse, and infertility. 

The clinic’s uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) procedure treats fibroids to preserve patients’ fertility. Dr. Maneevese uses fluoroscopy, a type of X-ray, to guide various small wires and catheters to the arteries that feed the tumor. They inject small embolic particles into the tumor to slow blood flow, quickening shrinkage. Since the procedure is non-surgical, patients can go home on the same day and resume living uninhibited within 1-3 weeks. 

Although multiple studies show that UFE is a safe and effective fibroid treatment, there are minimal risks, such as bleeding, infection, damage to other structures, and non-target embolization associated with the procedure. Some side effects include fatigue, increased pain immediately after the procedure, low-grade fevers, vomiting, and nausea, manageable by analgesics, anti-nausea medication, and painkillers. Its complications include loss of menstrual periods, injury to the uterus, or abnormal bleeding. 

Besides fibroid treatment Houston, Access Vascular Health treats peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which occurs when arteries that deliver blood to the arms and legs become clogged or narrow due to atherosclerosis. It’s a disease in which plaque builds up and prevents oxygen from reaching tissues causing sores, pain, heart attacks, or strokes. Dr. Maneevese treats PAD by injecting dye through an IV before using X-rays to find which areas need treatment depending on the disease’s severity. 

As an interventional radiologist in Houston, Access Vascular Health offers accessible and honest healthcare. It desires to change the usual industry approach by actively hearing, guiding, educating, and giving patients ownership of their health using advanced technology and insightful practice that empowers them to feel better and live longer. When Michelle Maneevese, MD, isn’t offering fibroid treatments in Houston, she works on global health initiatives, traveling internationally to train physicians and perform minimally invasive procedures on underserved populations. 

To learn more about fibroid treatment and interventional radiology, visit the clinic’s website or call 832-981-5781. Access Vascular Health is at 5151 Katy Freeway Suite 170, Houston, TX, 77007, US. 

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