North Mackay, QLD – It’s not unusual for children to develop smile imperfections once their permanent teeth come in. These imperfections can be worsened by bad oral habits including, thumb sucking, lip wedging, tongue thrusting, and mouth breathing. KIDS – Healthy Kids Nurtured by Nature specializes in orthodontic solutions to help parents ensure that their children experience the highest level of oral care. 

KIDS – Healthy Kids Nurtured by Nature is a North Mackay-based orthodontist that has been specially designed with great care and attention to facilitate comfort, serenity, and warmth. As a pediatric dentist, the facility is committed to providing high-quality dental services to correct issues relating to breathing, posture, clenching, and grinding through extensive evaluations, diagnoses, personalized treatment solutions, and oral health education. 

The orthodontist services at KIDS – Healthy Kids Nurtured by Nature are offered by Dr. Daniel Abood, a highly qualified and experienced orthodontist with a passion for enhancing the smiles of his patients. He, together with a team of dental professionals, has ensured that their offices are kid-friendly with many fun activities, including iPads, PlayStation, fun characters, and a colorful environment to take away the anxiety that comes with a dental visit. 

The Mackay Orthodontist focuses on diagnosing and treating dental and facial irregularities that straighten crooked teeth and align jaws correctly. Dr. Daniel offers pre-orthodontic services intended to correct early smile imperfections including, crowded teeth, out-of-place teeth, underbite, overbite, cheek biting, early baby teeth loss, out-of-proportion jaws, and more. During the pre-orthodontic exam, Dr. Daniel can identify issues beyond straight teeth and recommend palatal expanders, an effective tool for opening up nasal passages eliminating the need for tooth extraction or preparing a child’s mouth for braces.  

KIDS – Healthy Kids Nurtured by Nature offers dental braces to correct crowded, irregularly spaced, crooked, out of alignment, and protruding teeth. Dr. Daniel and his team use a system of fixed wires and braces that can be adjusted as the teeth move into their ideal positions to create a more healthy and attractive smile. 

As a dental facility that appreciates innovation, KIDS – Healthy Kids Nurtured by Nature has adopted Invisalign, a modern approach to teeth straightening that discreetly and gently realigns teeth using a series of clear plastic aligners. Parents who desire for their children to be free from food restrictions and adopt good oral hygiene practices can choose Invisalign, as the trays can be removed to allow for flossing, brushing, and eating. 

Not only does KIDS – Healthy Kids Nurtured by Nature offer extensive orthodontic services, but they also educate and empower parents on oral health to equip them for in-between visits. They have insight on dental scaling, tooth grinding, bad breath, dental care for baby teeth, oral health habits, and many more. 

To schedule a pre-orthodontic exam with KIDS – Healthy Kids Nurtured by Nature, call +61 7 4942 5111. Or visit their location at 6 Discovery Ln, North Mackay, QLD, 4740, AU. For any inquiries about the services they offer, visit their website. 

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