Health is a condition of emotional, physical and social well being in which infirmity and disease are absent. It is the state in which you feel good about yourself and have good self-image and are content with your life’s circumstances. Health is associated with the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Happiness is a complex concept that encompasses all the facets of health. Happiness is the state in which people accept their uniqueness, love unconditionally and respect other people for who they are.

Health is the absence of sickness and disease. It therefore defines the absence of mental illness, emotional illness and bodily illness. Health is therefore the absence of any physical illness and its accompanying disability. A definition of health will include the absence of any disease, malfunctioning or injury of the body. It also includes the absence of any mental disorder or dysfunctioning.

Healthy people live a long and healthy life, they are physically active, and they do not smoke or consume alcohol or drugs. They take a balanced diet and keep body weight under control. They engage in physical activities and do not stay indoors for long periods. A healthy lifestyle implies a good diet and a lifestyle that avoid over exertion or indulgence in dangerous or injurious habits, such as smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, or extreme hobbies. It also implies an active social community and involvement in recreational sports, recreation, and social activities.

There is a clear correlation between mental illness and physical illness. People who are mentally ill are often physically unwell also. In order to remain healthy, both health wise and mental should be taken care of in equal measure.

Mental wellness can be impacted by many things. Depression, anxiety, fear and phobias can all affect physical health and cause deterioration in your mental health too. These factors need to be addressed and treated so that you are able to lead a good quality of life and maintain good health and longevity. When one is affected by any of these factors then it automatically translates into a decline in their overall health too. This is known as the domino effect of mental disorder and it happens all too easily.

If you want to remain fit and healthy then you have to follow a balanced diet and make sure that you engage in regular exercise. You must try and avoid getting regular diseases that can weaken your body system. Some diseases that you might want to avoid are heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, and arthritis. These diseases can all lead to poor health and if ignored, they can lead to other more serious ailments too.

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