Generic drugs can be compared to other medicines which were originally manufactured and sold. A generic drug is actually a generic drug that contains the same active ingredient as a brand new drug. Generic drugs are generally allowed for public sale after the patent on the brand-new drug expires.
Since the patent on a generic drug does not last, there is less competition in the market. In other words, the price of the drug is very low and therefore more people buy them. Since they are also available at lower prices, companies can afford to produce these types of drugs because they do not need to cover the entire cost of manufacturing it. However, because of the lowered demand and the low price, there is still an increased amount of production to meet this demand.

Some companies can make a profit out of selling generic drugs. Since there are no patent on a generic drug, other companies can try to sell their drugs as cheap as possible and make profits out of that. This practice has caused many companies to be sued and have faced legal issues for providing cheaper drugs.
There are also many health risks involved with buying generic drugs. For instance, in order to manufacture and distribute drugs to pharmacies, they will have to use the chemical properties of the active ingredients from the original drug and inject them into patients. In some cases, the chemicals used may be toxic and cause serious side effects. These drugs may also be more costly since the quality of the original drug is not maintained.
Since it is illegal to produce generic drugs, it is almost impossible to find a reliable source from where these drugs can be purchased. Many manufacturers who produce generic drugs cannot afford to pay for the research that is required to come up with a brand new drug. Also, since they cannot be patented, they are not able to get royalties on the sale of the drugs.
If you want to buy generic drugs, you can check with your local pharmacy. If it is found that the products you are looking for are not on the shelf, then you can always look online. However, be sure to check if the prescription has expired or not. Otherwise, you will end up paying high prices just because it was bought before its expiry. It is recommended that you buy from reputable sellers online since it is very easy to check the expiration date on a prescription.

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